Not just grapes ...

Our founding activity is the relationship with the land and the care of the vineyards, with a direct commitment to safeguard the territory and the lagoon landscape. To this end we have collaborated and continue to collaborate with institutions, schools, associations and people by networking with all the organisations of the region that share our purpose.

We have maintained relationships with many associations and organisations including: Chiostro di Sant’Elena, Comitato Bragora, La Biennale, Momos, Morion, Non solo verde, Palazzetto Bru Zane, Progetto Move coltivando il paesaggio, Rialto Novo, San Servolo Servizi, Slow Food Venezia, Spiazzi Verdi, Il Nuovo trionfo, Vida, Venice Calls..

Collaboration with schools of all types and levels, Venetian and non-Venetian, is still active.

We are also present at many local festivals and fairs: Festa del carciofo violetto a Sant’Erasmo, Festa del mosto, Isole in rete, Festa della decrescita alle Zattere, Festival delle arti in Giudecca and Ombre coraggiose a Forte Marghera.

We collaborate with Slow -food for theFesta di San Giovanni in Bragora and for Terra Madreat the Serra dei Giardini di Castello where, involving school groups, we set up workshops on food and nature with students and citizens.

Every autumn we organise a presentation evening of our lagoon wines at the Bistrot de Venise and occasionally at the Avamposto (Rialto) where we share our experience and provide wines for tasting. We also participate in the cultural initiatives of Palazzetto Bru Zane by providing our wines for tasting.

In addition to these external activities, the Association organizes conferences and visits to museums and exhibitions for members.

These are the main collateral activities: