The multi-faceted activities of the “Laguna nel bicchiere-Le vigne ritrovate” association received valuable recognition from the Masi Foundation.
In October 2013, our association was given the Masi International Prize for the Civilization of Wine,  as a member of  “Le Vigne di Venezia project” including Gianluca Bisol for Venissa and Michel Thoulouze for Orto.
A large delegation from the Association joined the award ceremony hosted by the writer Isabella Bossi Fedrigotti and Sandro Boscaini at the philharmonic theater of Verona.

The award aroused our deepest emotions, and we were greatly honored for sharing this exciting experience with Marjan Satrapi, author of comic books, and film director. Special thanks to Giacomo Rizzolati, scientist and discoverer of mirror neurons, Giovanni Bonotto, textile manufacturer, and Giulio Romano, journalist, and writer.

Premio Masi