“Guardo crescere e cresco”: Social Responsibility and Sustainability

In Autumn students harvest grapes from recovered grapevines strewn throughout Venice and the surrounding islands. They carry their harvest to the Island of San Michele, the city cemetery, where in the important Orto dei Novizi, a vegetables garden accompanied by a winery they squeeze out the grapes juice the old way. Kids can then make a tipical venetian grapes jelly, made out of their own squeezed grapes juice.

Thirdly they take care of some olive trees. Children beat the olives by themselves and they produce their own olives in brine at school.

Every student can adopt a tree, follows its growth, its pruning and the fruit production throughout the years. Unfortunately during this last years the lagoon experienced an extremely poor olives harvest caused to:

  • Poor pruning of the olive trees, due to the pandemic
  • high water events, which did not allow the access to olive groves by children but only by appropriately equipped adults.