News and events from Laguna nel Bicchiere


Saturday April 22nd, h.7.30 pm
church of S. Francesco della Vigna, Venice
locandina concerto

Concert by the violinist Paolo Bernardo

On Saturday April 22nd at h.7.30 pm, in the church of S. Francesco della Vigna, “maestro” Paolo Bernardo will perform a concert of Bach’s sonatas for solo violin. The concert is dedicated to our association “Laguna nel bicchiere”.

Paolo is Mario Bernardo’s son, the partisan known as Radiosa Aurora; Paolo holds the violin chair at the Bolzano Music Conservatory, and is the only Italian violinist working at the Odessa High Violin School, the first one in the history of this prestigious institution.
On the day dedicated to his father we were pleased to taste the “Radiosa Aurora” wine with Paolo, produced by Terre di Gaia farm.



Wednesday January 25th, h.3 pm
Marciana National Library, Venice

Guided tour of the exhibition:
“A Romagnolo in the Veneto, the ciàcole de Bepi”

On Wednesday January 25th, at h.3.00 pm, guided tour of the exhibition “A Romagnolo in the Veneto, le ciàcole de Bepi” at the Marciana Library.

The “Ciàcole de Bepi” are satirical poems in Venetian dialect where Bepi is Pope Pius X (1835-1914), described as a naive country priest in an easy-going and pungent way, with the intent on chattering about the issues of his time.
Olindo Guerrini, a versatile intellectual endowed with an extraordinary goliardic vein, was also a great poet, who used to write in various dialects.

The visit will be conducted by Dr. Elisabetta Sciarra, coordinator of the Cataloging and Development Department of the Marciana National Library collections, and by Maurizio Vittoria. The “Ciàcole de Bepi” book will be distributed to visitors at the end of the tour.



Friday 16 and Saturday 17 December
Giardini Greenhouse

Mother Earth  Day 2022

December 16 and 17, 2022 from h.10 am through h.5.00 pm we celebrate Terra Madre Day 2022 at the Giardini Greenhouse, with the participation of the local school groups joining the project “As I watch them grow, I grow up too” (Gallina, Diaz, Canal, Manzoni Elementary Schools).
Handicraft products are on sale all day long.

  • Saturday morning: “How to conduct a wine tasting”  by “Gian” Posocco
  • Saturday afternoon: “A practical approach to modern apiculture”

Reservation required: / 3480034126


Sunday, October 30, h.11.00
San Michele vineyard

Dante in the vineyard

Professor Giorgio Battistella recites wine, vineyards, and Venice-related verses from the Divine Comedy. Free entrance.


Monday, August 29
Rialto Fish market

High tension housing

Lagoon in the glass joins the “popular dinner” event held at Rialto fish pavilion, organized by “High tension housing”.
During the evening some unpublished scenes from the film “Welcome in Venice” will be screened, and introduced by the movie director Andrea Segre.


Friday, August 26

“Disnar” for the historical Regatta

On Friday August 22, 2022 Laguna nel bicchiere participates in the “Disnar per la storia” event, organized by the Remiere and other city associations, with friends of the “Sette mari” rowing club at their headquarters in Rio Terà Barba frutariol (Cannaregio).


Tuesday, May 31, h.18.00

Introduction to Fra’ Mauro’s globe

Our associate Piero Falchetta presents, at the Venice Boat Show 2022, the booklet “A brief history of Fra’ Mauro’s globe” promoted by Laguna nel bicchiere and published by


Saturday, Mat 7th 2022, h.11
San Michele vineyard

Radiosa Aurora

Presentation of Radiosa Aurora wine
with a memory of Mario Benardo, the partisan “Radiosa Aurora”,
scriptwriter and photography movie director.


We are in Dubai!

Let’s go to Expo 2021 in Dubai!

From February 28, 2022, the association “Laguna nel bicchiere – The rediscovered vineyards”, together with U.V.A. (Urban Vineyard Association) will join the Italian Pavilion, in the Piedmont Region area, at Expo 2021 Dubai.

We aim to increase awareness in urban vineyards, as an attempt to revive the city’s tourist vocation and improve the living standards of citizens.

The Urban Vineyard Association supports both very old vineyards, like the Venice vines, and the younger ones, like those of New York growing on top of large skyscrapers.

We share an interest in protecting the rural, historical and natural heritage in cultural and tourist terms.

In Expo 2021 Dubai, films and various reports about the range of attendees in U.V.A. will be shown. Moreover, meetings will be held with tour operators and potential supporters.
Laguna nel bicchiere will display a full array of  photos and instructional videos. View the English version at the following address:

Laguna nel bicchiere 2022-English


Join U.V.A. lecture on Wednesday 2 March at h.1.30 pm (European time) in the Italian Pavilion. The event will also be available in live streaming at the link: