Our association has set itself the goal of making a natural wine that would safeguard the ancient flavours of the lagoon by using traditional winemaking techniques; without the use of chemicals and without resorting to techniques that are currently used in winemaking. The aim is to produce a wine like the one that has been made on the Venetian islands for centuries. Despite having few means at our disposal, it was not difficult to pursue our goal.

With our vines located on various islands, our harvests are as plentiful as the number of islands where the vines are located and, at times, two harvests are carried out for the same vineyard according to the degree of ripeness of the different types of grapes. The grapes go through a double selection process: at the time of harvest and again before pressing. As we do not use sulphates, we need to ensure the grapes are healthy.

Feet are used to press the grapes, even the feet of children. Since 2018 we have also been using our hands for de-stemming and have also been using a rack for pressing.