In June 2019 Laguna nel Bicchiere (The Lagoon in a Glass) became a founding member ofU.V.A. (Urban Vineyards’ Association) an association that brings city vineyards together.

Under the encouragement of Luca Balbiano (who manages the vineyard of Villa Margherita in Turin which has freisa grapes), Laguna nel Bicciere, theClos di Montmartre in Paris and Senarum Vinea in Siena, joined forces.

From this small nucleus a message went out that was immediately taken up. Today the family of members has expanded with the participation of the Leonardo’s vineyard in Milan, of San Francesco della Vigna in Venice, of the vineyard of the Republic des Canuts in Lyon, of the vineyard of Botanical Garden of Palermo and of the Vigna dei Papi in Avignon, Etna Urban Winery in Catania and Rooftop Reds in New York. We will have news of many others that are expected to join shortly.

The association aims to help these historic vineyards to make a stand, to continually expand their possibilities, to seek funding and to promote quality tourism linked to oenology; a rapidly expanding sector. Above all, it aims to enhance an agricultural heritage in each region, an historical and cultural heritage of enormous value and often with biodiversity treasures.